Get the Best Testimonials on Your Website

Our smart emailing system will help you determine which customers are promoters of your business and easily collect their testimonials. Detractors will be directed to your customer support desk to get their problems sorted before they write reviews.

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Show Photo and Video Highlights

Your customers can easily add media from their computer, social networks or Youtube to make their testimonials more engaging. We’ve seen that customers simply adding product photos can dramatically increase sales.

Case Study: How Cat Photos Can Get You More Sales

Improve Your Google Rankings

When was the last time you updated your testimonials? Google loves original and recent content and Feedback Loop testimonials make it more likely that leads will come to your site first.

Be More Trusted Online

Feedback Loop technology can label each testimonial with a social trust badge of customers that endorse you. Our verified testimonial badge will make prospects trust you more on any page of your website and improve conversions.

Case Study: Feedback Loop testimonials increase signups by over 70%

Amplify Online Word-of-Mouth

Our social testimonials can be easily shared on social networks by you or your customers. Every click from a testimonial share is tracked on the Feedback Loop dashboard and in your Google Analytics so you can see how many leads you get from Feedback Loop.

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