Testimonials with Photos Improves Conversion Rate by 144%

What Do Cats and Conversion Optimisation Have in Common? This Case Study

One of our happiest clients, Oscillot sells solutions that help you contain your cat in a backyard. Their product is installed on the top of your garden fence and swivels whenever your cat tries to climb out. This prevents you from losing your cat in the wild neighbourhood.

The Problem

It’s a bit hard to imagine the value of this product without seeing it right? That was a problem that oscillot faced. Their customers had written glowing testimonials (such as ones from animal rescue associations) yet you couldn’t see the people or the product. Customers were so enthused about the product that they had independently emailed Oscillot with photos of their installations.

The Test

1. Feedback Loop added these photos to customer testimonials.
2. In order to see the power of photos we made a version of the Oscillot testimonials page with and without photos.
3. We ran an experiment using Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) directing the visitors to alternating testimonials pages.
4. We measured what visitors did on the “Contact Us” page for the site.


With Image

Tracking Contacts

On the Contact Us page there was a contact form and phone numbers for various regional resellers. Oscillot did not know how many website visitors were making phone calls. To help determine this hid the phone numbers behind a “Show Details” link so that we could track each time a visitor wanted a specific phone call. This meant that Oscillot could now also track which regions and resellers were getting customers from their website.

Heatmap: Clicks to Reveal Phone Numbers


A single buyer of Oscillots products can spend thousands of dollars, so a small change in the number of people contacting Oscillot direct or resellers is very valuable.

So how much did simpling adding photos to the testimonial page increase the conversion rate? 144%. When photos were on the testimonial page 14.0% of users visited the contact page, whereas only 5.7% visited the contact page when there were no photos.

Feedback Loop makes it easy for anyone to add photos to testimonials with easy computer upload and integrations with Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

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