Feedback Loop Testimonials Increase Signups By 70%

The Oppurtunity

Getting more signups is crucial for any businesses and testimonials are often used on the first page to attract more signups.

Photzy is a site that offers deals on photography education software. Their core product is a “digital locker” of free content and deals that clients get after they sign up. They rely on a single landing page to get most of their customers to sign up.

The Problem

Photzy started with plain old testimonials in their sidebar on their landing page. These testimonials did not look trustworthy. Feedback Loop helped them get authentic testimonials and these replaced the plain ones.

The Test

After adding Feedback Loop testimonials to the sidebar we wanted to know how much this would increase completed signups when compared with plain testimonials. So we made a copy of the page with Photzy’s new testimonials without the features that make them look authentic like social badges and photos. The text in the testimonial remained the same. We sent traffic equally to the plain and authentic testimonials.

Plain testimonials

Feedback Loop Testimonials


A single signup to Photzy can buy hundreds of dollars worth of deals. We saw that 70% more customers  signed up when they saw the Feedback Loop enhanced testimonials as opposed to the plain testimonials. This test clearly demonstrates the value of making testimonials look authentic even when their content is the same.